IT - Simple and Personal!

Computers are simply part of our lives these days and they should make your life easier. Usually they do. So, when the technology doesn’t function as it should, it is extremely annoying - especially because your area of expertise is in a different field!

This is where I enter the game: Of course, I cannot perform magic, but I can ensure that you and your employees are able to work efficiently at all times. As your system administrator, I help your company implement precisely the right technical infrastructure to create a customized and comfortable work space. Uncomplicated maintenance and fast support is included - all without stressful hotlines!

If you are concerned about working with the stereotypically strange and silent IT specialist, no need to worry here! With us, there won’t be any technical gadgets or jargon that cause you more stress than they resolve. I love the intricate finesse required to do my job well, but you will never even notice that - I make sure IT is always user-friendly for you!


Henry Wiesjahn,